Water Sampling Procedures

In analyzing the chemistry and microbiology of a sample, our lab tries to take a still picture of what is happening in your water system. This we hope will give you an idea of what type of mineral deposit or biological mass is impacting or disrupting operation of your system.

In a general water system, it is advised to sample at the point of problem as well as the source water. This allows for a better understanding of the changes that occur within a system with regards to chemical congestion, microbiology, and physical plugging. Please collect a minimum of 1 liter for each water sample, and completely fill the bottles with your sample water. Also, if any treatment chemicals are being added, please make note of the chemical, feed rate, and concentration used.

For a well system, the differences that occur during operation and static periods can be drastic. To this end we ask you to sample your well both from the casing and from the aquifer utilizing the following procedure:

After the well has been left idle overnight (or at least 8 hours) collect a sample immediately after the water from the column pipe has been discharged and mark it “casing” to represent the casing sample. Then let the well pump for at least 1 hour or more, at which time all of the water from the screen and casing area should be discharged and new water should have entered the system from the aquifer. Collect a sample of this water and mark the sample “aquifer”. Comparison of these samples will then give a more complete picture of well activity. Exceptions to the above procedure can be made but should be documented. You may want to draw a series of samples to represent the casing or screen area, the gravel pack, and deeper into the formation.

Please collect a minimum of 1 liter for each water sample, and completely fill the bottles with your sample water. You can request sample bottles from our lab or utilize a clean bottle from another source. Samples need not be refrigerated during shipment if received by the lab within 24 hours of sampling. You should not use any type of preservative and ship to our lab immediately. All major carriers offer daily drop off at our laboratory and some very competitive 2nd and 3rd day delivery rates are available.

Schedule sampling to occur for shipments to be received Tuesday through Friday.

Send samples to:

Water Systems Engineering, Inc.
Attn: Lab
3201 Labette Terrace
Ottawa, KS 66067

Please fill out the Well Sample Data Form for each well sampled. You may send any additional operating information, and your questions or objectives in having the analysis performed.

To have sample bottles shipped to you, please email us or call the lab at 785-242-6166 ext. 1.