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Welcome to Water System Engineering

An Investigative Water Consulting and Design Laboratory

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A Specialized Approach

We are a unique consulting firm and investigative laboratory which specializes in ground water and surface water applications, industrial heating, cooling and water handling systems, and corrosion analysis and control. Our areas of expertise include profiling water from a biological and chemical standpoint, interpreting and evaluating the results and developing protocol for disinfection, rehabilitation and maintenance, as well as system design.

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An Investigative Lab

Our in-house laboratory utilizes standard methods for the investigation of water while employing new technology for the identification and assessment of biological conditions.

Whether it is identifying sediments present downhole, scale build-up on heat exchangers, or bacteria impacting water quality, WSE’s lab can provide unique insight into these fouling mechanisms.

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Research into the problems impacting groundwater systems, potable water treatment, and industrial water handling continues daily at WSE. Our consulting staff actively participates in local, state, and national forums for the industry, developing new standards, innovative approaches, and testing new theories to identify problems early and develop operational procedures and system designs to reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and failure.

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