Laboratory Services

What We Do

Our laboratory is a diagnostic and investigative laboratory that specializes in microbiology and chemistry. The laboratory offers unique testing and insight into inorganic water chemistry, microbiology, and the interplay of these two areas. WSE’s laboratory has developed from an industrial services lab to a full scale diagnostic lab for water wells, surface water plants, filtration systems, corrosion work, and further specialized in interpretation of analytical results and bacterial analysis. We have provided insight into problems associated with a variety of water systems found in municipal, industrial, environmental and private use. In addition to our regular laboratory services, our staff conducts research into a variety of water related phenomena found in well and piping systems in potable, industrial and environmental settings.

Laboratory services

  • inorganic chemical analysis
  • scale deposit analysis
  • filtration media evaluation
  • full bacterial identification
  • corrosion studies
  • in-depth microscopic examination

close up of gloved hands holding a petri dish with a brown liquid

In analyzing the chemistry and microbiology of a sample, our lab tries to take a still picture of what is happening in your water system. This we hope will give you an idea of what type of mineral deposit or biological mass is impacting or disrupting operation of your system.

Oftentimes customers wish to analyze deposits that have formed within a well, pump, piping or water handling system. When submitting such a sample, try to capture a good representation of the deposit and make note of the location of the sampling.

black circle with white lowercase i in centerCurrent Lab Fees

Please contact us to inquire about our current lab fee schedule.